Liga Privada JD#4

A little background on this pre-production stick for the Liga whores out there. First off this is by no means a ground breaking review. In fact, I got the one cigar for review via a Brother of the Leaf and his vicious bomb. For a great reviews of this cigar, check out . Shawn is a lot better at picking up flavor notes than I ever care to be and his reviews are top notch.

But here’s some basics of the blend itself. It is a 6×52 cigar of all Nicaraguan tobacco. So you know what that means- spice. And since it’s produced by the guys at Drew Estates, I went into this with a bit of hesitation. I’ve got a love/hate relationship with the Liga Privada Line. I love the #9 Robusto, but hate the #9 toro. I did not like the T-52, but I loved the T-52 flying pig. I LOVE the Dirty Rat and believe that it is literally cigar perfection as far as my personal taste and preference in size goes. I have seen pictures on the web and heard buzz about the LP Lancero, or whatever they are calling it. Haven’t tried it, but considering how good the Dirty Rat is, I can only imagine that a lancero is going to blow this blend up! But, I am a documented corona and lancero whore.

When I got the JD#4 I started to research the cigar a lot. It’s basically the 4th blend during the selection process of the T-52, for the curious out there, the third blend was released as the T52. So right off the bat I was thinking this was going to bomb. It is a large cigar than I prefer and a blend I am not fond of. Or so I thought.

This JD#4 blend packs the things in it that I love in Nicaraguan cigars- spice, great flavor transitions between sweet undertones and a drop dead beautiful Connecticut habano wrapper. If this cigar is released to regular production I would want a box, which is about as high a praise as I can give since my smoking habits are so scattered that in the years I have been actively smoking good cigars I have made TWO box purchases and that was the Anarchy and The Face. The total smoke time I got on this outstanding blend was just under an hour and a half. There were very few touch ups on the burn and for a large cigar, I was amazed at how I was not over powered. When you see them, grab them!

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  1. I am crazy about The Flying Pig one of my favorite sticks I also love the Oliva series V figuardo pricey box but never fails my palate.

    Samien-Sharief | Mar 10, 2012 | Reply

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