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Just realized that the cigar blog hadn’t been updated in a while. I had invited 3 other bloggers to write and assumed they were posting.

I will be writing some reviews again soon from some notes I have from the last few cigars I smoked.

Check back over the next few days for some new cigar reviews.

Sam Leccia Cigar Company

For Immediate Release
May 24, 2011
Sam Leccia “Debut”

It is with great pleasure we announce the return of one of the most creative minds the cigar industry has known. Sam Leccia is back with his newest creation and what looks to be the years most anticipated cigar. The Sam Leccia Cigar Company ( proudly presents Sam’s “Debut”, a fitting name for Leccia’s solo release.

The cigar nation embraces Leccia like a rock star for the passion and originality he brings to the business: “This is the most exciting time of my life. I look forward to sharing with you, my
Debut.”- Sam Leccia

Sam Leccia’s “Debut” is a twist of Nicaragua, Honduras, Ecuador and Santo Domingo tobaccos blended together to give a unique smoking experience. Sam’s “Debut” will be available in 3 sizes: Double Rob 5×60, Double Church 7×60, Figurado 6 ½x52.

The marketing genius and mad science approach of Sam Leccia has audiences excited
about his newest creation the “Debut”.

For pre-orders and general inquiries contact

Coming Up this Week

The weather has actually been nice the last few days, so just like insects, cigar smokers begin to come out in large numbers. I’ve picked up a few new released items including the Cain Daytona and the Tatuaje Celebracion De Cinco (another Tatuaje Limited Edition). I’ll be knocking out some reviews of these two, and offer up a raffle later in the week.

It wasn’t Just a Hat

Word hit today via CA about the venture of Jon Huber. Check out the text below. Really excited to see what comes from this.

Jon Huber, the former director of lifestyle marketing for C.A.O. International Inc., has formed a new cigar company with three other former employees of C.A.O. The new venture is called Crowned Heads LLC.

Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, where C.A.O. was located until it was moved to Virginia, Crowned Heads consists of Huber, Mike Conder, formerly C.A.O.’s senior VP of marketing; Michael Trebing, who served as C.A.O.’s creative media manager, and Nancy Heathman, who was C.A.O.’s graphic designer.

“It’s going to be very different from what we did at C.A.O.,” said Huber, who said Crowned Heads would be a boutique company that eschews titles, offices and cubicles. The company has begun to meet with tobacco brokers to develop a brand and by year’s end it hopes to have a cigar with five sizes on the market. Huber said that having a cigar ready for the industry trade show in July was a “possibility, but not a probability,” and said he would try to take cigar smokers “behind the scenes” to see how the company develops its products along the way.

Liga Privada JD#4

A little background on this pre-production stick for the Liga whores out there. First off this is by no means a ground breaking review. In fact, I got the one cigar for review via a Brother of the Leaf and his vicious bomb. For a great reviews of this cigar, check out . Shawn is a lot better at picking up flavor notes than I ever care to be and his reviews are top notch.

But here’s some basics of the blend itself. It is a 6×52 cigar of all Nicaraguan tobacco. So you know what that means- spice. And since it’s produced by the guys at Drew Estates, I went into this with a bit of hesitation. I’ve got a love/hate relationship with the Liga Privada Line. I love the #9 Robusto, but hate the #9 toro. I did not like the T-52, but I loved the T-52 flying pig. I LOVE the Dirty Rat and believe that it is literally cigar perfection as far as my personal taste and preference in size goes. I have seen pictures on the web and heard buzz about the LP Lancero, or whatever they are calling it. Haven’t tried it, but considering how good the Dirty Rat is, I can only imagine that a lancero is going to blow this blend up! But, I am a documented corona and lancero whore.

When I got the JD#4 I started to research the cigar a lot. It’s basically the 4th blend during the selection process of the T-52, for the curious out there, the third blend was released as the T52. So right off the bat I was thinking this was going to bomb. It is a large cigar than I prefer and a blend I am not fond of. Or so I thought.

This JD#4 blend packs the things in it that I love in Nicaraguan cigars- spice, great flavor transitions between sweet undertones and a drop dead beautiful Connecticut habano wrapper. If this cigar is released to regular production I would want a box, which is about as high a praise as I can give since my smoking habits are so scattered that in the years I have been actively smoking good cigars I have made TWO box purchases and that was the Anarchy and The Face. The total smoke time I got on this outstanding blend was just under an hour and a half. There were very few touch ups on the burn and for a large cigar, I was amazed at how I was not over powered. When you see them, grab them!